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#CoMoTripn: Santa Ana

It poured rain from San Diego to Cypress and I wondered if I left Oregon at all.  Where was all the sunshine and warmth I remembered from living in Long Beach for eight years?  Sticking to my road trip plan of driving fast to make record times, I ended up at my friend’s home by lunch.  This may have had something to do with the fact she promised to join me at my favorite old Mexican restaurant haunt from fifteen years ago.  (OMG, it was as good as I remembered.)

We did a little shopping, got caught up on recent life events, and headed back to her house for a little more quiet time visiting before my pre-concert ritual.  While I planned to Uber to the event, she agreed to drop me off before her plans even though it would have to be a little early.  A huge score.  With no planned familiar faces at this venue, the ritual brought the needed couple of cocktails before heading to the show.  It was a little surprising to find Disneyland turn-style gating in front of the doors.


What were they expecting here?

The wait can be painful when alone.  Sometimes I start a conversation with the people next to me, but my neighbors were a “no-go” in this line.  I did see the cute mom/daughter couple at the very front dancing while Coast Modern sound-checked inside.  They waved hellos and kept company with the others who lined up hours before.

The inside of the venue was quite surprising.  Three step down layers led to the stage.  Once again, another gated barrier kept us concert-goers a few feet from the stage’s edge.  This is different from Portland’s smaller venues.  They let you right up close and photographers have to elbow it up with the rest of us.


I shimmied into a second row position right behind Mother/Daughter.  They were front and center chatting away with the people they met in line.  They saved my place as I procured a vodka soda.  After the second double, I slid right into meeting everyone around.  My favorite was a delightful pair that I found out was a mother and son. (I spent a good five minutes telling the mother it was impossible because she looked so young.)  When I went to take their picture, an amazing thing happened.  A friend I met two years ago in line for The Airborne Toxic Event photobombed the picture.


Literally the exact moment I found out my friend was able to make it!  And proof this woman did not look old enough to be that guy’s mom.

Needless to say, I flipped the fuck out.  We’d been talking for months since last reuniting at a Dreamers concert in April.  I’d been begging her to join me because she and her husband are such great fans.  They travel great lengths, appreciate the music, and even send care packages while the band tours.  (Who wouldn’t want them as fans?)  I knew they would love Coast Modern just as much as the other bands we share in common.  With them joining, the party really went into full swing.


Yep, I chat up every person.

It wasn’t long before Coast Modern took the stage and I started my picture-palooza.

The craziest part was this guy next to me who insisted on texting the entire time.  Of course I had to know what was so fucking important you would text during a concert.  It wasn’t a problem to find out because he had his text font size at a giant 144pt or something so I read his screen as he talked about the show.  He was so lost in it, he didn’t even notice when I took our picture.


Best text line is when he’s trying to describe what Coleman Trapp looks like.  Who texts this?  Take a picture!

After the show, my friends headed back to the merch table, as good fans do, and started to buy gear to support.  On my way back to the bar, the funniest thing happened.  A gentleman stopped me.

Him: “Are you Susan?”

Me: “Yeeahhh??”  (Waiting for it to register that I know him from somewhere even though I’m 800 miles from home.)

Him: “I know you from Twitter.”

Me: “Ooohhh?”

Him:  “I don’t mean for that to sound creepy.”

Funny thing, I then knew who it was.  We chatted for a bit, I tried to buy him a drink, and he introduced me to others he came with.  Once again I was reminded how incredible Twitter can be.  You meet the most amazing people.  And some people think social media is the devil. What do they know?

I took some random shots before my friends and I decided to skip Temper Trap and head to a bar to catch up.


Scored my 2nd set list on the trip!


My friend V looking adorable with Luke.


Selfie with Coleman since Twitter friends were horrified I didn’t take any on night #1.

My darling couple friends drove us to a small, dark bar and we drank the night away madly. The thing about these friends are they are hella fun and don’t even flinch about keeping up with me.  We talked bands, sent snaps, and played in a giant photo booth. This might have been when the night went a little hazy.


V and S are so good to me!

After hours catching up, they said they would take me back to my friend’s house.  When we walked in the parking lot, I confidently headed to their car and tried to get in the backseat.  Spoiler alert:  It wasn’t their car.  Worst part was the owners of the car were standing next to it and didn’t make a sound as I tried to get in.  Awkward!


I guess they were chill with me breaking into their car.


Lucky for me, S and V wrangled me back up and got me back to my place safe and sound.

I stumbled into my friend’s house sometime around 2 am, I think.  She was waiting up for me like the night owl she is.  I confirmed it was another amazing show and pulled myself up the stairs to try to get some sleep before traveling to Los Angeles the next day.

I think I clocked in another three hours of sleep before I was up and packing my bag for another round.  The eyes were a bit redder, I moved a tad slower, and I slammed two Zip Fizzes before leaving the driveway.  Only forty miles to the next show city, so many things to see on the way there, and I might have started to worry a bit if I could make it another three days.

Next up: Los Angeles.


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Telling a Blog

The title above doesn’t have the same flair as “telling a story.”  This is the challenge when I sit down to write a blog about an event.  What do I pick out of the story to sum up in a five hundred word piece?  This is the question which has left me silent on my Elliott Brood road trip.  There was so much awesome.  Do I talk about  before the show where Girlfriend and I sampled bakeries along the way?  The uncomfortable small french restaurant where I caught everyone’s attention by saying “I don’t give shit” too loud?  Or the actual event where we heard some kick ass music?

I think I need to focus on why Elliott Brood was hella cool.  (You can also think of this as a picture book.)

We started the night with stalking the band members as they made their way through the crowd.  Without knowing the nature of the beast yet, we opted for a picture at a safe distance.  Behind us, Mark is graciously selling and signing product.  Girlfriend and I look so casual in this dark basement of a club as the white light of the flash blinds everyone in a three mile radius.

In my normal concert going attitude, our stalking panned out to get a pre-show shot with Casey.  While the opening act was tearing down their gear, Casey accommodated us with making small talk and listening to our babbling on about how excited we were.  He doesn’t even look the slightest hint of scared even with my “growl smile.”

The show was fantastic.  We pressed our bodies against the front edge of the stage and screamed our heads off.  In the middle of the show, Casey was getting into a song enough his hat fell off right in front of us.

Girlfriend: “Grab the hat.”

Me: “No way.”

Girlfriend: “Do it.”

Me: “No effin’ way.”

Girlfriend leans over and plucks the hat from the stage.  She plops it on her head and I stare at her in utter shock and horror.  The corner of my eye catches Casey’s face stop for a second while his hands still work over the guitar.  Luckily Girlfriend hands it back with her innocent smile and he doesn’t feel the need to call security.  (No picture because of the shock.)

The band saved their best songs for last.  They handed out miscellaneous tins and cake pans with wooden spoons.  We did our duty of beating the hell out of them and singing the lyrics.

Casey was so impressed with our constant hooting and hollering, he gave us a nice shout out for making the trip to be an addition to the show.  <SWOON>  After the lights came up and the band left the stage, they did the awesome things bands should always do if they want a loyal following.  They thanked the fans with autographs and pictures.  They even signed my beat to crap cake pan.

Girlfriend, who is new to concerts, got a case of “Mikel Tourette’s.”  She was shouting accolades into the faces of the band members only standing a foot away.  We watched in horror as one fan signed Casey’s chest with permanent marker as he stood confused.  There was even the awkward moment when Girlfriend knocked over someone’s random beer.  As she cleaned up the mess (because she’s thoughtful like that,) we discovered is wasn’t so random when Casey picked it up to finish the rest.  We offered to buy another PBR, but he declined saying he didn’t need so much.  They even were gracious enough for this:

This shot took four tries!  I asked for two because the first one is always crap.  When they were done, Mark admitted he closed his eyes for both.  We took a third and he sheepishly admitted he’d done it again.  By the fourth, all jaws were clenched in forced smiles, but so worth it.

I have to admit this telling for the blog isn’t the same as when I convey the night in person.  Heaven help you if I talked to you the next day because I was still on Cloud 9 and probably gave you my own version of “Mikel Tourette’s.”  But this does give you an idea of how cool Elliott Brood is.  Their music is pretty darn good too as I showed with my homemade video.  But in some cases when you are recounting a memory, nothing lives up to the telling of a story.

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I don’t have a blog yet, but I want to give you the teaser that ELLIOTT BROOD was AWESOME!  Here is just a taste:

Elliott Brood

You can see the coolness affected my brain and I forgot how to work the video camera.  They swooned me.  More to come.

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