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Coast Modern’s debut album was even better than #CoMosapiens could have hoped for!  The album’s terrific vibe has pretty much stayed on repeat since Thursday night at 9pm.

To celebrate the release, I knew those Coast Modern gents needed a special cookie to pay homage to all their hard work in the last year and a half.  And I hoped this hit the mark.

como 2 tweet

It’s the icing on the top when they like what I’ve created in their honor.  It’s this wonderful thing where art inspires other’s art.  Which is exactly what happened in the contest where you showed off your #CoMoLove on Twitter and Instagram.  All the participants were put into a random drawing.

So let’s get down to the winner.

Natalie T!

You have won a Coast Modern inspired cookie box.  Along with SIX album covers of your own you will also receive the special Coast Modern eyeball inspired blackberry thumbprint.


Thank you all for showing your Coast Modern love and I hope to see you at a show.


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If it’s not clear, I’m pretty fucking excited about the Coast Modern album release on July 28th.  Once an official date was set, I pre-ordered the album, started chatting people up to do the same, and began planning how I would celebrate the day.  It started with something simple like wearing their swag, maybe playing with the dolls a bit, but now I’ve decided to throw an all out Coast Modern themed party at the office.

Image result for coast modern

Like any good party, the fun is in the details, especially with themed parties.  The care you put in the planning will pay off in spades on the official day.  Each piece needs to hold true to the theme to make sure your guests aren’t wondering if it’s a party or just a few people getting together.  Here’s a quick guide in case you want to throw your own Coast Modern party.

The Menu:

Every great party starts with the food and a theme party gives even more opportunity to amp it up with catchy puns.

  • Grilled Toast Modern – A Californian vibed grilled cheese sandwich. It’s provolone and cheddar cheese melted over arugula, bacon, and horseradish sauce on garlic Parmesan bread.
  • “Dive” into dip and chips.
  • “Now I’m Cool” Cucumber Salad.
  • Drinks will be made with “a little bit of this and a little bit of that” and each served with “Tiny Umbrellas” to pay homage to one of my favorite songs on the album.


Attendants have been asked to wear their Coast Modern gear.  If they don’t have a concert tee shirt, they can sport:

  • Dad shirts
  • Converse or Vans
  • Anything with a Californian vibe


Since my party will take place at my day job, I have to keep the activities on the up and up.  They’re even geared toward employee appreciation and positivity.  I’m not saying you still can’t use them, but I felt like I needed to explain why there’s no alcohol.

  • “Pockets Full of Knowledge” – I have little trivia game with random Coast Modern facts.  My staff love surfing on the Intenet for random info, so why not have them focus on a particular topic?
  • “The Way it Was” – Each person will write down a habit they want to change going forward to increase positivity in their life.  They’ll focus daily on something to make sure they keep moving forward and never go back to “the way it was.”

As you can see, I’ve stayed true to the  Coast Modern spirit by punning off their song titles and I’m pretty fucking proud of what I’ve come up.  It’s right up there with “You gotta be kitten me right meow” and “I don’t wanna taco bout it.”


Invite all your friends to enjoy on the festivities!

Hopefully these little tips will help you gather friends to enjoy the band’s release day or solve the problem of your next birthday party theme. Whatever you decide to do, the most important part is to have a good time.  And listen to Coast Modern.


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The time has finally arrived! A few months shy from when Hollow Life first hit the scene in 2015, and after five other slammin’ singles dropped, Coast Modern’s debut album titled “Coast Modern” will release on July 28th. The #CoMo fandom couldn’t be more excited. I’m about coming out of my freakin’ skin with anticipation. If not for the simple fact I don’t have to watch another person tweet or scream at a show, “When’s the album coming out?”

This is serious cause for celebration! A momentous occasion to be recognized!  What better way than giving gifts to the fans who have gleefully waited?  So a contest we will have.  Up for grabs is a Coast Modern inspired custom Delish Bakery treat box.  (Hint: They usually weigh several pounds.)  All you have to do to possibly win is show Ze Boyz some love on their premier day (July 28th) by posting a photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #CoMoLove.

How do you show your love, you ask?  By taking a picture of how YOU Coast Modern.  (Pretty open for interpretation, right?  Exactly!)  Still need some ideas?  Here are a few examples I might have been guilty of over the last couple years:

Buy their album
This seems like a pretty easy one.  You already love them, you can’t wait to listen to them, and really you’ve been screaming “take my money” for the last year.  Now you find out you’re getting a deal with 18 fantastic songs.  When you’ve secured yours, increase your entries by getting all your friends to buy it too.


Wear their gear
Maybe you have a shirt or six you wear on a constant rotation.  Maybe you rock their pin on your work lanyard or sport their sticker on your work computer so every co-worker asks you what it’s for.  No?  Just me? Well, whatever you’ve got, flaunt it.  Don’t have any branded merchandise?  Be creative! Highlight your Coast Modern make up look complete with blue lipstick, rock a palm tree or flamingo “dad shirt,” or go a bit rogue with writing the band’s name on your favorite shirt with a Sharpie.


Make Coast Modern inspired art
I’ve seen the most amazing fan art in the last couple years.  Here’s a great day to showcase it!  You do you.  If that’s drawing a fabulous portrait, playing a Coast Modern cover on your ukulele, or even decorating cookies, spoil us with showing your work.

coast modern covers

Recreate an iconic photo
Lucky for me, I have Coast Modern dolls.  Hey, they’re fun, don’t judge.  Trust me, if you meet them, you won’t be able to put them down.  (I’m talking about the dolls, not the band.)  Every person to come in contact with these little yarn beauties can’t help shaking out Luke’s wild mane or smoothing back Coleman’s hair just right. However, for your photo you don’t need dolls, just grab a friend and strike a famous Coast Modern pose.


Get a stranger to follow their Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook
This is really where you’re doing someone else a pretty big solid.  You’re about to introduce them to their new favorite band.  And if they need any convincing, tell them about the killer puns found regularly on Twitter.  Who doesn’t love puns?  It’s pastability the bestest thing ever!


Create Coast Modern art with every day products
Who doesn’t love to spell out words in the craft store with the wooden letters?  Unfortunately, the photo below is photoshopped with Luke’s name. There was a massive manhunt and no Luke could be found in Southern Oregon*. Seriously, my posse looked through at least 500 bottles! Maybe you will have better luck.


Make a video
Do you have some dance moves you’ve been dying to share?  Or a killer karaoke version of Comb My Hair?  Heck, maybe you really want your Guru shower version to take off.  Now’s the time to do it.  This one was made waaaay back in December 2015!

Create custom underwear
Okay, so you might think this one is a little much, but who doesn’t want one-of-a-kind Coast Modern chonies?  These happened to be made for a bridal shower gift game (as if I needed to explain myself.)  The bride is a big fan and I just might have convinced her to make these her bridal underwear.  I’m sure her new husband will be quite pleased.

underwear1underwear 2

As you can see, there’s really no limit to what you can do to show your Coast Modern love.  However, there are a few contest rules:

  • All entries require a photo to be uploaded to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #CoMoLove.  This is how entries will be identified.
  • Contest is open July 28th from 12:00am-11:59pm.
  • Prize to be shipped in the US only.
  • Winner will be randomly drawn from all entries.
  • Contest is not sponsored or endorsed by Coast Modern.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with to show those gents you appreciate all the hard work they’ve put into getting here!

*Just one example of the “great Luke hunt.”  Even with her little hands digging through hundreds of bottles, we were unsuccessful.


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As you know when my fave bands go on tour, and I’m nowhere near one of their cities, my “fear of missing out” is off the charts.  Throw into the equation Coast Modern and my CoMo FOMO is off the fucking charts.


It was only four weeks ago when I was at their show.

While I will have some shows coming up in the Fall when they open up for Temper Trap, I won’t be part of this tour with the Wombats that started in Milwaukee, WI for Summerfest last night.  So what do I do in these troubled times?  Give away cookies, of course.

Coast Modern 2

So how do you win this CoMo-licious stash?  It’s rather easy — turn your family, friends, and acquaintances into CoMo-sapiens.  Yep, I can do this to every word.  You’ll earn points for getting people to follow their social media accounts, buy their music, and leave reviews.

One point will be awarded for each social account they follow/like, three points for purchasing their three released songs, and three points for each review they write.

You’re probably asking “How will you know?”  First, I like to assume you’re honest.  Come on people, these are cookies.  Let’s not lose our integrity over a dessert.  However, if there is a question of legitimacy, proof will be requested.

Document how many friends did what in the comment section of this contest status for Delish or in the comment section below.  Please list out how many for each category so I know how many points to award.  Example: 5 Facebook “Likes”, 2 Twitter “Follows,” 10 friends bought the songs, 3 left reviews on iTunes.  Easy peasy.

The person with the most points will win and the cookies (more than pictured above) will be shipped to them.  Contest will end at 3:00 pm on July 23, 2016.  If I’ve forgotten something, feel free to hit me up. Good luck and share the #CoMo vibes.

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After months of pining on Twitter for a Coast Modern show, I was graced with one on the West Coast.  Yes, I said the West Coast.  Since I live in a small town on the Southern Oregon border, travel is required for any band I want to see live.  And when we’re talking about Coast Modern I pretty much would’ve traveled anywhere along the Pacific Ocean to finally see them.

Last November when I submerged myself in all things Dreamers, I heard Coast Modern’s debut song Hollow Life played on Alt Nation.  It may show you how incredible it was because it was really hard to get in my head during that time.  Then a serendipitous moment hit when one of my new Dreamers’ friends, DJ Beauty, suggested I give it a go.

Mix a good song with a hella fun Twitter presence and you’ve pretty much landed on my Favorite People Top Ten list. While this new Coast Modern band was pretty illusive about releasing any details about themselves, they were responsive, charming and engaging in the Twitterverse.  It was easy to make a dance video of their song and include them on Twitter blasts.  They were even charitably understanding when I Snap Attacked them a couple times.  How could you not love them for that alone?  Now after months of gushing in 140 character-ed spurts, I would be able to see if they could live up to all the hype I created in my head.

I’m not going to play this down, I was pretty freaking excited.  I’d worked in a double concert shot by catching Dreamers in Fresno and then coming back up to Coast Modern in San Fran.  Could there have been anything better?  (Uh yes…you could throw in an Airborne Toxic Event or a Limousines show to completely blow my fucking mind.)  I knew catching Coast Modern in a small venue at these early stages was something special. I don’t think they’ll be this small for long with all the buzz going around.  However, that didn’t mean I would feel the love.  I have different criteria to be one of my fave bands.  Meeting them in person is requirement to determine if I can really invest my heart.

My Bay Area friend let me use her place to get ready while she worked and she even agreed to meet me at the show.  Taking Uber to the city hurts a bit.  The bill kills you until you consider the driving, the parking, and the needing to be completely sober.  Then the dollar signs don’t look so bad anymore.  Lucky for me, my Uber driver was a pretty nice guy.  After he complained about the company for the first fifteen minutes, he asked what I was doing.  Okay, my turn to put Coast Modern on blast and I did.  By the time he rolled up to my destination he promised me he would check them out and tell his son to do the same.

“You sure this is it?” he said when we both looked at a purple spray painted door with the address digits stenciled on the front.

“I think so?” And jumped out before he gave me some lecture about how a female shouldn’t go to shows alone.  And if you think I haven’t heard that story before, you have no fucking idea what it’s like to be a woman.

Two eager, fresh faced people stood by the wall.  (I named them #1 and #2, and yes, I called them those names all night.  Have you ever read this blog?  Everyone gets a nickname.)  I made sure they were going to the same show and I did actually have the right place.  They told me about the other band and I got in some more Coast Modern lovin’.  “I drove all the way from Oregon for them,” I said.  My mantra throughout the night.

I won’t bore you with details about walking around trying to find something to do until doors opened or my friend catching me Snapping a video as I walked across the street.  In the end, I stood front and center at that stage.  And then I kinda panicked.

For people who don’t use social media to death, it can make an awkward relationship.  I mean, can you even call it that?  Do we have a relationship?  I mean, maybe you recognize my Twitter profile pic.  Do I introduce myself as Susan or sprunty2000?  It wouldn’t be long before Coast Modern took the stage and I’d have to make eye contact with someone I’ve never met but know somewhat?  That’s when the worry started.  What if they have no idea who I am?  I mean, I told them I was coming.  What if they didn’t care?  Heck, why would they care?  Nothing is worse than trying to over-explain your existence.

My coping mechanism?  Meet people.  I grabbed some of the stickers from the merch table and made my way around the joint. I asked everyone who they were there to see and then promised them something special from the opener’s show.  They smiled, nodded, and agreed to give them a chance.  They got a sticker, I took their picture, and moved on to the next group.  Several asked if I worked for Coast Modern and I said, “Nope.  I just like them a lot.  I drove all the way from Oregon to see them.”


These two dudes were my first victims. They were such sports, I really ran amuck after them.


This was much prettier than the real gauges in his ear.


It wasn’t long before I Got #1 and #2 on the bandwagon too.


And these two? I just loved them. They posed for each other all night. One of my fave couples.

As show time approached, I worried more about how I was supposed to act.  Do I wave?  Pretend like I’m not the same person that blows up their Twitter feed with nonsense?  Should I try to act somewhat mature so they don’t ban me from future shows?  And what about pictures?  Should I take my million pictures?  Oh God, please don’t let my concert Tourette’s kick in and start barking out rando facts.  This was their IRL first impression of me and we all know you only get one chance.

Coast Modern walked on the stage and my worry amped to 11. (Yep, anytime I can get that Spinal Tap reference in a blog, I do.)  Lead singer Coleman seemed to half-smile when we made brief eye contact.  It was a half smile, right?  Was it recognition?  Maybe appreciation I traveled for their show?  Or maybe it wasn’t for me at all.  Maybe it was directed at Pretty Young Thing standing at my side.

They started with a song they haven’t released yet.  The vibe confirmed it was going to be a good show and I kept my excitement in check.  Maybe I could pull off being seemingly normal all night.  Then, they went into Guru and I was done.  Music has a funny way of doing that.  A familiar song you love and have played on repeat a million times lights up your soul.  The dancing started, the camera came out, and I recognized myself again.

Coast Modern killed it.  I mean, this wasn’t “Oh I’ve got dreamy eyes for this band and you can play all shitty for me to still love you” kind of show.  This was “people who didn’t know them were dancing their asses off” music being pumped out.  The show flew by so fast I was sad when Hollow Life closed the set.  How could it be over already?


It’s really hard to choose one Coleman Trapp picture to capture the moment, but this picture calls to me.


This one also has a je ne sais quoi to it.  I love it.


That sound? It’s girls swooning everywhere for Luke Atlas.

The set ended, lead singer Coleman swooped up his set list, and they all darted off stage.  Not gonna lie, I think my hand might have been out thinking he would give it to me since I begged for one on Twitter the day before.  Sucking up my sadness, I looked down to grab any of the other ones.  They were already gone.  Snatched.  Vanished.  I died inside.  Pretty Young Thing offered me the one she held.  I declined.  She’d marked it with her lips before the show.  That was her memory on that set list.  I couldn’t take it no matter how selfish I wanted to be.

I was back to awkward “what happens now?”  P.Y.T. asked me to stay up front for the next band. I told her it’s a travesty to be a “Front” when you’ve never heard a song before.  I excused myself to slink back to the merch table to enhance my tee shirt collection.  Do the familiar.  Get my head back to reality.  I was there for a good concert and that’s what I got.

While worming through people, I ran smack right into Coleman.  Literally, I looked up from the floor and we were face to face.  All the worry, insecurity, and doubt choked off any intelligent thought I might have had.  This is usually when my Concert Tourette’s gets the best of me and I scream out something ridiculous.

I can’t remember who said “hey” first.  Don’t jump to any conclusions, I told myself.  It didn’t mean anything.  You just shoved your phone three feet from his face for the last forty minutes.  He’s probably plotting the quickest way out from this awkward interaction.

“Did you get your set list?” he said.

“Uh…oh no.  They were all taken,” I said.

“I saved you mine.  I’ll go get it.”  He turned to head backstage and in that moment I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with Coast Modern.  Because in that moment all of it was real.  Everything I wanted them to be was captured in that one thoughtful act.

Coast Modern only continued to impress when they talked with people, signed gear, and posed for pictures. They took the time to treat each person like a special snowflake. That kind of niceness I can’t resist.  I was hooked.  Done.  Completely smitten.  Forever loyal.


Luke’s poses are like nothing else. He killed me with this, which led to taking thousands. You MUST get a picture with him.


This is totally the international symbol of endearment and we should be Best Friends Forever, right?  No way Coleman could be implying “Hey crazy Susan, I’m kinda tired of this.”

I really can’t say enough about meeting Coast Modern.  The music was terrific.  Seriously, one of the best shows.  A good feeling party.  I could go to one every night to fill my spirit.  As for the gentlemen themselves, they were kind, funny, and genuine; the kind of people you want to get behind and wish wonderful things for.  It’s an experience I recommend everyone check out for themselves because it’s a rarity you get all this greatness in one package.


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