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Kidneys seem to be all the rage right now.  My favorite cake pop site, Bakerella, has even made a dessert treat for the occasion.  (Photos are from her site.)


She was inspired to make this adorable, edible organ from this stuffie she received from I Heart Guts.  (I have to admit I love the ovary the most.)


The reason she received such a gift was due to getting an even better present from her mother, a kidney transplant.  I didn’t know this cleansing organ was so popular until I found out a week later my awesome cousin was doing the same for my wonderful aunt.  I think I know who is now at the top of the favorite relative list.  These two occurrences made me realize the latest fade of donating kidneys was really taking off. 

The problem is the time it will take me to find someone in need, go through all the testing, and prep for the surgery, the kidney trend will be passé.  Another transferable organ, like cutting off a piece of liver to regenerate in someone else’s body, might be the new big thing.  This same principal goes for writing.  (You were worried I couldn’t connect them, weren’t you?)

Often on the writing blogs, boards, and conversations, wanna-be writers ask what the big thing is.  They are regularly told not to chase after trends because the publishing process is long.  By the time your book on kidneys finally makes it on an agent’s desk, they are buried in tons of organ love triangles where everyone chooses the heart.  The kidney has been tossed aside like they are a dime a dozen. 

What I find troubling is, what if it’s taking me forever to finish my book and the original idea I had two years ago has come and gone?  It will come down to whether my story is unique enough to stand out, but compatible enough to resonate with many.  Like finding a match for an organ donation, it’s a perfect fit when both sides need it the most. 

Get well Aunt Marian and Eileen.  Love you both!


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Submission Is In!

First, I want to say thank you to those who read and made comments.  I really appreciate the encouragement and know you would tell me if you think it needed a little more pizzazz.  (I hope you would.)  Now, here the up to date info on the submission.

I have none.  I twiddled my thumbs anxiously at work waiting for 9:00am to show up so I could submit the work.  During the Adult genre submissions on Tuesday, she said she received 83 in less than a minute.  Wow!  I pulled up the World’s Clock on the internet and counted down the seconds.  I sent it at 8:59:57 and worried it would reject for being early.  But I got a response at 9:00:01 and said my submission was accepted and I’m #52.  (Whatever that means.)

Now I wait.  You all know, I have no patience.  I check my e-mail every ten minutes waiting for some kind of response.  It will probably take a week for her to pour through the 100 submissions she ended up allowing for YA.  In the end, there will only be 25 in the competition.  Please cross your fingers SPITE ends up being one of them.  The confidence boost would be a great help after a year of rejections. 

Any suggestions of how I should pass the time?  Besides a ten-hour car trip, alone with my two small children, to Bakersfield?  Check–That one is already planned for Saturday.  Any other advice?

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This is the week a blogger is opening her site to 13 agents to bid on manuscripts.  The only info they will have for judging is a log line (which we discussed previously) and the first 250 words of the book.  So what do you think we will be talking about today?

The chances of getting through the first round is slim.  Not because of the competition (although it will be stiff) but because of logistics.  She is accepting 50 submissions during two separate times.  Once when I will be in my car driving to work and the other at a time I will surely be distracted by one my co-workers.  If you make it down to the final 25, then you are put on the block to be auctioned.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I need you!  I need you to read the first 250 words and tell me if you would read on?  If not, why?  Most of the starts are intense drama like “There was a breeze blowing the hanging body in the wind.”  Well, of course you want to know who it is, how the body got up there, and why did someone do it.  This is what I will be up against.  Can this 250 words hold up next to that? 

You’ve read the log line, now here is the beginning of “Spite.”  Please, please, please tell me your opinion.

            Five years is a long time to wait for revenge.  People say it’s a dish best served cold, like it’s a choice or something.  If I reacted in the moment, it could’ve been dismissed with other high school memories.  Instead, with my hate chilled to the bone, tonight’s going to leave a mark.  

            A production assistant with a combed hairdo reminiscent of a fifth grader’s class picture pokes his head behind the white wood door of my dressing room.

            “You’re on in ten, Ms. Stryker,” he says. 

            My hand waves above my head in a non-verbal commitment while I watch the assistant’s head bounce up and down in my mirror’s reflection.  The appearance of a nonchalant rock star keeps blood thirsty media sharks ravenous for anything they can get.  Any sign of weakness is like a bucketful of chum thrown into the waters. 

            Trish, my make-up artist, brushes a puff of bronze over my forehead to keep down the shine.  A mirror enveloped in bright lights reflects a flawlessly painted face punctuated by classic cat eyes drawn in black liner.  My hair flows down my back like a rich chocolate river with shimmering waves from the lights above.  It’s all too perfect, like a dream you aren’t sure is real.

            “Can you believe you are going to be on the Kurt Davis show?  This is the biggest thing in late night,” says Trish.  The bristles of the brush poke lightly against the tip of my nose in her downward swipe.

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