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This has been a tough week, personally.  While I focus mainly on my writing and publication journey in this blog, my “other” life suffered a blow which left me stunted in this one.  You may have noticed because this blog has been empty of a new topic for about a week.  Definitely outside my goal of three a week with a book review thrown in every once in a while.  I haven’t even had the energy to finish reading my current book, which I was very excited to read and review.

What happened?  With the turn in the economy, the company who pays my salary suffered some losses.  This week it resulted in losing some of the staff, colleagues, and friends. Although I was lucky to survive the cut, there is nothing more depressing than walking into a room to watch one of your friends, who is a super cool chick, get the axe.  You stand there helpless, wishing you could call out “I’m sorry for being an asshole when I convinced you the day before your job was safe.”  (Obviously, I had no idea this was coming.)  Being the super cool chick she is, she gave me a small smile and a wink before being put out of her misery.

Okay, this is a little melodramatic, but that’s where I’ve been all week.  My solution?  Coming home to lemon drops.  Mature?  No.  Helpful?  Yes.  I also vowed to take some time away from the computer for a couple days to spend more time with people.  Crazy, I know.  T-ball games, family dinners, and girl talk over cocktails helped with getting centered again and enjoying small things.  (It didn’t hurt having a lemon drop induced Mikel Jollett dream last night, but that’s a later blog.)

So, please excuse my absence…for those few who read.  I truly appreciate your support in this journey!  Now, I’m brainstorming of what future blogs might be fun.  Does anyone have a topic suggestion?  Anything you would like to know?  I’m sure we can find something funny…I do live with Hubs.

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It’s Perfect!

After TONS of research, I finally perfected my version of the Lemon Drop.  If anyone is interested in the celebration by coming over to sample, I’m ready to get the shaker out!


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A favorite thing to do at the end of the year is mentally or physically list through accomplishments.  For agents, it may include how many queries in ratio to clients picked up.  For authors, it may be a list of books read in comparison to the resolution made at the beginning of the year.  For me, the clock striking midnight on December 31st is a listing of the “shouldas.”  I know this is an exercise in futility, but it’s my nature to want more.  After a month of letting the new year sink in, it is much easier now to see the successes in 2010. 

My other favorite thing is to document my experiences in photos.  Yes, I obnoxiously have the camera every time I do anything to make sure I never forget anything.  Can you imagine when a book of mine gets published?  I’ll be down at the Barnes and Noble every day taking pictures of the book on the shelf, people walking in the area, and the chick buying it at the register after I have browbeaten her in the aisle.

Here’s my 2010 year in review of new things I tried, discovered, or that have enhanced my life:

I bought a book on how to make cute cupcakes.  This was one of my first batches and it’s been crazy ever since.  Even this weekend, I am commissioned to make more.  I’m not sure if this was a blessing or a curse.

I fell in love with the lemon drop martini.  It’s been my drink of choice and many o’ nights practicing the Porter’s recipe at home.  You can’t say I’m not willing to sacrifice for my art.  (Last night…maybe a little too much.)  Also, made it a priority for more “Girls’ Nights,” which Carrie helped with greatly.


Toad the Wet Sprocket at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland.  I saw them my freshman year of college in 1993 at the Hollywood Palladium when I worked security rubbing down people as they entered concerts.  I was excited just to see them again, but when we had a chance meeting with Todd the guitarist in a bar around the corner afterwards, the night exceeded any expectations. 

This concert was followed up by Vampire Weekend with Hubs.  With expectations of meeting the band, Hubs cornered the lead singer Ezra at our hotel for enough time to say hellos and scare the hell out of him.  No photos because I was trying to be respectful of his privacy.  Screw that next time, I’m getting the picture.

I was fortunate that Mr. Carnell asked me to read his book and give my opinion.  Not only was it (and still is) incredibly flattering, it was a great experience.  It helped me see the story writing process from a totally different view.  We had great conversations about story structure, plotting, and characters.  He was nice enough to even give me a “shout out” in the Thank You section (something I look at when my confidence waivers.)

Got my eyes lasered!  (Please ignore the hideousness of the picture.)  After two years of saving in my HSA by not letting my children go the doctor (don’t worry, no broken bones or blood), I was able to get my vision corrected.  BEST DECISION EVER!

I was exposed to many new things this year–Trunk Bar, Karaoke, and Beer Pong.  They did add liveliness to the year and some great performances.

Facebook influenced me in 2009 to start writing.  In 2010, it connected me with some old friends whom I missed.  On a trip back to California, I was able to connect with several old friends and made my life richer.

How could I not mention the million pictures Alex and I took together?  For some reason, I find the most entertainment taking self portraits with Alex.  She’s a good sport, a lot of fun, and a great singer at karaoke.

No year would be complete without my amazing family.  The kids are super funny and give me some of the best memories.  My husband has been supportive of my disappearing act every night for two to three hours as I work on my book.  It’s a very difficult process to be married to someone who writes, let alone that person being me.

Overall, a pretty successful year.  The goal this year is the same as last — query, get an agent, work towards publication, and write another book.  I know I’m in a better position with a new book, a new query, and a new understanding of the business.  And while working towards my ultimate goal of being an author, I resolve to appreciate the every day accomplishments before waiting until the end of the year.

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