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Coast Modern’s debut album was even better than #CoMosapiens could have hoped for!  The album’s terrific vibe has pretty much stayed on repeat since Thursday night at 9pm.

To celebrate the release, I knew those Coast Modern gents needed a special cookie to pay homage to all their hard work in the last year and a half.  And I hoped this hit the mark.

como 2 tweet

It’s the icing on the top when they like what I’ve created in their honor.  It’s this wonderful thing where art inspires other’s art.  Which is exactly what happened in the contest where you showed off your #CoMoLove on Twitter and Instagram.  All the participants were put into a random drawing.

So let’s get down to the winner.

Natalie T!

You have won a Coast Modern inspired cookie box.  Along with SIX album covers of your own you will also receive the special Coast Modern eyeball inspired blackberry thumbprint.


Thank you all for showing your Coast Modern love and I hope to see you at a show.


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The time has finally arrived! A few months shy from when Hollow Life first hit the scene in 2015, and after five other slammin’ singles dropped, Coast Modern’s debut album titled “Coast Modern” will release on July 28th. The #CoMo fandom couldn’t be more excited. I’m about coming out of my freakin’ skin with anticipation. If not for the simple fact I don’t have to watch another person tweet or scream at a show, “When’s the album coming out?”

This is serious cause for celebration! A momentous occasion to be recognized!  What better way than giving gifts to the fans who have gleefully waited?  So a contest we will have.  Up for grabs is a Coast Modern inspired custom Delish Bakery treat box.  (Hint: They usually weigh several pounds.)  All you have to do to possibly win is show Ze Boyz some love on their premier day (July 28th) by posting a photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #CoMoLove.

How do you show your love, you ask?  By taking a picture of how YOU Coast Modern.  (Pretty open for interpretation, right?  Exactly!)  Still need some ideas?  Here are a few examples I might have been guilty of over the last couple years:

Buy their album
This seems like a pretty easy one.  You already love them, you can’t wait to listen to them, and really you’ve been screaming “take my money” for the last year.  Now you find out you’re getting a deal with 18 fantastic songs.  When you’ve secured yours, increase your entries by getting all your friends to buy it too.


Wear their gear
Maybe you have a shirt or six you wear on a constant rotation.  Maybe you rock their pin on your work lanyard or sport their sticker on your work computer so every co-worker asks you what it’s for.  No?  Just me? Well, whatever you’ve got, flaunt it.  Don’t have any branded merchandise?  Be creative! Highlight your Coast Modern make up look complete with blue lipstick, rock a palm tree or flamingo “dad shirt,” or go a bit rogue with writing the band’s name on your favorite shirt with a Sharpie.


Make Coast Modern inspired art
I’ve seen the most amazing fan art in the last couple years.  Here’s a great day to showcase it!  You do you.  If that’s drawing a fabulous portrait, playing a Coast Modern cover on your ukulele, or even decorating cookies, spoil us with showing your work.

coast modern covers

Recreate an iconic photo
Lucky for me, I have Coast Modern dolls.  Hey, they’re fun, don’t judge.  Trust me, if you meet them, you won’t be able to put them down.  (I’m talking about the dolls, not the band.)  Every person to come in contact with these little yarn beauties can’t help shaking out Luke’s wild mane or smoothing back Coleman’s hair just right. However, for your photo you don’t need dolls, just grab a friend and strike a famous Coast Modern pose.


Get a stranger to follow their Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook
This is really where you’re doing someone else a pretty big solid.  You’re about to introduce them to their new favorite band.  And if they need any convincing, tell them about the killer puns found regularly on Twitter.  Who doesn’t love puns?  It’s pastability the bestest thing ever!


Create Coast Modern art with every day products
Who doesn’t love to spell out words in the craft store with the wooden letters?  Unfortunately, the photo below is photoshopped with Luke’s name. There was a massive manhunt and no Luke could be found in Southern Oregon*. Seriously, my posse looked through at least 500 bottles! Maybe you will have better luck.


Make a video
Do you have some dance moves you’ve been dying to share?  Or a killer karaoke version of Comb My Hair?  Heck, maybe you really want your Guru shower version to take off.  Now’s the time to do it.  This one was made waaaay back in December 2015!

Create custom underwear
Okay, so you might think this one is a little much, but who doesn’t want one-of-a-kind Coast Modern chonies?  These happened to be made for a bridal shower gift game (as if I needed to explain myself.)  The bride is a big fan and I just might have convinced her to make these her bridal underwear.  I’m sure her new husband will be quite pleased.

underwear1underwear 2

As you can see, there’s really no limit to what you can do to show your Coast Modern love.  However, there are a few contest rules:

  • All entries require a photo to be uploaded to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #CoMoLove.  This is how entries will be identified.
  • Contest is open July 28th from 12:00am-11:59pm.
  • Prize to be shipped in the US only.
  • Winner will be randomly drawn from all entries.
  • Contest is not sponsored or endorsed by Coast Modern.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with to show those gents you appreciate all the hard work they’ve put into getting here!

*Just one example of the “great Luke hunt.”  Even with her little hands digging through hundreds of bottles, we were unsuccessful.


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As you know when my fave bands go on tour, and I’m nowhere near one of their cities, my “fear of missing out” is off the charts.  Throw into the equation Coast Modern and my CoMo FOMO is off the fucking charts.


It was only four weeks ago when I was at their show.

While I will have some shows coming up in the Fall when they open up for Temper Trap, I won’t be part of this tour with the Wombats that started in Milwaukee, WI for Summerfest last night.  So what do I do in these troubled times?  Give away cookies, of course.

Coast Modern 2

So how do you win this CoMo-licious stash?  It’s rather easy — turn your family, friends, and acquaintances into CoMo-sapiens.  Yep, I can do this to every word.  You’ll earn points for getting people to follow their social media accounts, buy their music, and leave reviews.

One point will be awarded for each social account they follow/like, three points for purchasing their three released songs, and three points for each review they write.

You’re probably asking “How will you know?”  First, I like to assume you’re honest.  Come on people, these are cookies.  Let’s not lose our integrity over a dessert.  However, if there is a question of legitimacy, proof will be requested.

Document how many friends did what in the comment section of this contest status for Delish or in the comment section below.  Please list out how many for each category so I know how many points to award.  Example: 5 Facebook “Likes”, 2 Twitter “Follows,” 10 friends bought the songs, 3 left reviews on iTunes.  Easy peasy.

The person with the most points will win and the cookies (more than pictured above) will be shipped to them.  Contest will end at 3:00 pm on July 23, 2016.  If I’ve forgotten something, feel free to hit me up. Good luck and share the #CoMo vibes.

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It only seems fitting on National Selfie Day and Dreamers first day back out on the road playing Kansas City, I would finally get around to announcing the Dreamers selfie winner.  (The delay only had a smidge to do with the fact my computer died.  Let’s ignore this horror as I borrow a computer, shall we?)

Below are the entries and they are something spectacular.  You and Dreamers team brought your A-game with this competition.  I was torn between which one would take home the prize.  Here they are for your review:

Let me mention again how much I love Dreamers.  Who would put up with such craziness and participate in some of these killer action shots?  (Seriously, that one of Jacob looks like he’s going to kill someone.)

The winner will receive a little Dreamers prize package, which will include their choice of one of Dreamers’ favorite treats:  Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch bar, Pecan bar, or the S’more bar.  Yes, I ask them all the time which their favorites are because how else will I know what to make to win their hearts over?

In the end I can only pick one winner.

Whitney with Vampire Gizmo

There’s something perfect about this shot.  Maybe it’s because of the black and white effect or the fact she seems unphased by Mr. Wold’s craziness above.  Or it could be that rockin’ shirt he has going.  I just love it.

Thank you to all who participated and I hope you had fun along the way taking pictures with some of the coolest people.  Never fear, there will be treats again, I’m sure.

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Dreamers started a tour today.  I readied myself to suffer through another crazy FOMO month waiting for my single show to arrive in June.  The show where I will travel eight hours to get to freakin’ Fresno.  Ugh, Fresno.  (Being a Bakersfield native, please understand how bad this pains me that Fresno will be a vacation spot.  I do adore Dreamers, so I will do it for their drugs.) This is all besides the point.


My point — I was done with the contest from last tour.  Today I shipped out the prize package with mocha brownies, bittersweet chocolate chip and sea salt cookies, custom royal iced cookies, and an iTunes gift card.  Finished.  Ready to return to my normal, non-contest life where I watch the tweets fly about how everyone else is having fun while I do normal things like work, bake, and surf the internet.  All the while cursing the fact I have not yet found a benefactor to pay for my life where I attend concerts on his/her behalf, take loads of pictures, and allow them to live vicariously through me.  (If anyone is interested in sponsoring this life, I’m totally for sale.)

Then I got this tweet:

tweet replySo I thought about all the new people seeing new shows.  What fun will they have without a contest to play?  Uh, let’s skip over the obvious answer where they get to live it up with Dreamers while I sit in my house and move right to the part where they need some concert contest fun activities because I must be involved in everything Dreamers.  To help them, I decided to hold another contest.  (Shout out to Whitney!)

This one is based on the Cards Against Humanity phenomenon (kinda), which goes along with the Dreamers theme from this cool card idea they have on the web.  This game’s tagline is “A party game for horrible people.”  OMG, it’s talking to me.  I’m a horrible person who makes awkward and sexual innuendo jokes.  Basically in the game you create your funniest answer  to the fill in the blank question and a judge determines who wins.  That’s what we’re doing here.  And I’m the judge.

dreamers drugs

You wanna make cool as shizz Dreamers’ cards?  Visit their site.

If you know anything about me, I love to take pictures.  The funnier the better.  This is why I’m always drawn to Nick (Dreamers’ lead singer.)  He does some of the funniest selfies around.  Here’s an example:


This is probably selfie #54.  Should I mention now how I think Nick is pretty much the shit for being so cool? And Oh. My. God, he has perfect teeth.

To play in this contest, you need to attend a Dreamers’ concert and take your funniest selfie with Dreamers (one or all).  When you do, tweet your picture, tag @DreamersJoinUs and me (@sprunty2000), and use the hashtag #DREAMERSaredrugs to be entered.  Come on now, it wasn’t like you weren’t going to take a million pictures.  

Be creative in how you set your selfie.  Have Nelson be suave with his endearing smile.  Bring props to spice up the mix. Beg Jacob to strike his most serious pose.  Put on your best Dreamers’ inspired costume.  Or ask Nick to be his awesome self to bring you home a win. Enter as many selfies as you would like by tweeting endlessly.

At the end of the tour I will pick the funniest selfie based solely on what cracked me up.  (Hint: Feel free to ask what I think is hilarious.  If I’ve been drinking, I’ll give you a long list.)  If you win, a Delish prize package full of goodies will someday arrive at your door.  In the end, you will have a sugar high, an awesome memory with Dreamers, and thank yourself for actin’ a fool on the internet.

One rule: Be respectful to Dreamers.  If you’re an asshole, you’re out.  Please know, I adore  them with all my heart.  If I get the slightest wind you dissed, intruded, or groped them, I  will probably show up at your door for an ass kicking.  Those gentlemen have always been gracious to fans (including me) so don’t fuck this up.

Have a good time!  Thank Whitney for making this contest.  And tell the Dreamers boys “Hi” from me (for extra points.)  I can’t wait to see your pictures.




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Thank you to everyone who played Dreamers Bingo throughout their Spring 2016 Tour.  This was meant to be something special for their first headline outing.  If you were lucky enough to catch them live, you must agree with me — the boys brought their A-game.


Here’s the special cookie set made for their last show in San Francisco. These emojis were picked from their most common ones used on their Twitter feed. If you want to see all the adorable they accomplish in emojis, you can follow them @dreamersjoinus.

I was lucky enough to enjoy three shows on this stint.  It was amazing!  Once again, the shows were upbeat, lively, and impressed new fans all over the place.  (Trust me, they told me.)  In Seattle, there were several people mentioning to me how they hadn’t planned to stay for the headliner after the Arkells, but did and were seriously impressed.  In Portland, my friend who joined to have a couple drinks with us, is now obsessed.  She messages me pretty regularly since to find out when we’re doing it again.

In San Francisco, it was a whole different crowd.  Diehards came out from all over.  I met my biggest Tunespeak contest competition, reunited with my favorite TATE fan couple, and met new friends I’d seen on Twitter.  It was the greatest thing ever.  I never wanted any of it to end…which may have led to my small temper tantrum at the end.  Ho hum, let’s forget about that.

Now the big announcement — the winner of the big Delish prize package is:


They completed bingos all over the place.  Go them!  Really, this is only a small part of their amazing-ness.  You will be incredibly lucky if you get to meet them at a show.  SO. MUCH. FUN!

In a close second (and deserving of a serious honorable mention) is the extremely gorgeous and talented Nerdeebirdee.  Meeting her in SF is another one of my highlights.

There were several partial bingos and great stories to go with them.  Thank you all who took the time to try to photograph your Dreamers’ memories for this game.

If you missed this tour, lucky for you they’re hitting the road again.  Please make sure to check out their live performance because it’s infectious.  In a good way.

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In a few short days, Dreamers hits the road with the Arkells and Karma Killers for a month long national tour.  They will be winding around the country, rocking their new EP “You Are Here” and undoubtedly charming all of you along the way.  Lucky for me, my ladyfriends and I will be attending three shows at the tour’s close in April, which seems like forever away.

To help deal with my sadness in waiting for time to pass until April 6th, I want to do the next best thing and live through you.  What better way to celebrate the Dreamers’ tour than to have a contest?  I mean, we all know they’re prize enough, but I like sweetening deals.

Who doesn’t love a riveting game of Bingo?  Throw in a handsome musical trio and you’ve pretty much got the  most awesome game ever, right?  How do you play?   It’s easy, complete a bingo (with photographic evidence) and you’ll be entered to win a tasty prize package valued over $125.00.

You’ll win:

  • $10.00 iTunes gift card to buy their full length album coming in 2016
  • A little surprise I plan to pick up at the merch table.
  • One dozen Delish Mocha Brownies
  • One dozen Delish Bittersweet Chocolate Chip and Sea Salt cookies
  • One dozen Delish Custom Sugar cookies.  Your design choice (subject to copyright).  If you need some inspiration, check out this cuteness (and I’m not talking about the cookies):

This is my shameless way to post this picture again.  OMG…the adorableness is almost too much.


You could “pick” another band for your custom cookies if you want.  (See what I did there.)  Or a different theme all together.

Now let’s talk about how you play.

  • Choose one of the bingo cards below with activities to complete during this Dreamers’ tour.
  • Photograph each activity square you complete and either post the collage to the Delish Facebook page or tweet me at sprunty2000.
  • Want to enter more than once?  Sure, complete a new bingo line.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t catch a show this go around, there are still activity boxes you can do to enter.
  • Feel free to work with partners, if you like.  There’s lots of goodies you’ll be able to split.
  • Contest closes April 10th at 6:00pm PST.  Winner will be randomly drawn from all the submissions.
  • Prize will only be shipped to a US address.

Here are the cards to choose from.  Feel free to switch any time if you find you’re having better success with a different card.  Even if you don’t fill a line, send in your attempt.  If no one fills a line, I’ll draw from all submissions.  Special award if anyone completes a full card for a blackout.

Don’t make it too hard.  Try to capture the best you can.   Here’s an example of what you would post from Bingo #3 (I probably could’ve done a black out because I take that many pictures at shows):


Good luck, have fun, and give tons of love to Dreamers when you see them!

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