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Even though resolutions are usually made before starting the year, I’m a bit late in writing them down.  I’ve been mulling them over long before the clock struck twelve, but my laziness has kept me from capturing them in word form.  I guess because then they are real and I should do something.  When I made my list last year, it was things to get done before the impending rapture.  Although none of last year’s predictions for Armageddon came true, we can still hold out this year to see if the Mayans knew what was goin’ down.  We’re in good shape though because they did pick December so we have plenty of time to get this resolution shit done.  Here we go.

1.)  Work with critique partners:

The elusive creature called a critique partner was something I’ve been in need of for quite some time.  I didn’t really know it at the beginning of 2011, but realized it when my finished novel didn’t bag the outcome I wanted.  I spent a lot of time wondering how I would find the perfect match.  They don’t have any internet matching sites for crit partners.  Well, okay they do, but it’s really hard.  Kinda like finding someone to shag.  You need to make sure they won’t laugh when they see you naked because it could scar you for life.  But I was fierce about sticking with it and put myself out there.  I’m pretty psyched about the two chicks I’ve hooked up with (sounds dirtier than it is) and I have high hopes my work will improve because of it.

2.)  Attend two concerts:

For the past three years, the goal has been to see one concert.  After making it to five shows last year, I decided to up the ante.  There is something about live shows that I love.  I’ve discovered I need them to continue my creative edge and therefore they must be on the list.  I still plan to call them research because in me somewhere there is a book about concerts I’m waiting to pull out.

3.)  Work with fondant:

With all the baking going on in my life, I’ve decided to expand my horizons.  That means I must break into the crazy world of fondant.  I already made one attempt in these first few weeks.  I learned I have a long way to go before Food Network’s Cake Challenge, but there may be some pretty cool creations out there using it.

My first fondant cake

4.)  Read 25 books:

I have seen blogs where people set the goal for 100 books in the year and I am in awe of those people.  I’ve started with a smaller number, but it doesn’t mean I can’t do more.  I have to admit, four years ago I was one of those people who said “I don’t really read.”  I was addicted to the television crack and it didn’t leave much room for anything else.  I read a Stephanie Plum here or a Sookie Stackhouse there, but I wasn’t committed to reading regularly.  In 2011, I realized if I wanted to write like good writers, I had to read more of them.  So I committed to books and saw how much they added to my life and writing.  This realization made it a “must” priority for this year.

5.)  Interview Mikel Jollett for the blog:

This may be my most lofty goal of the batch, but what the heck?  Sure, he may have amped up security after the last concert or put me on a do not call list after seeing what I did to him with bubble art.  Even if he fell upon this blog at some point and vowed never to give me any more fodder for this obsession, I’m going to try my damnedest to get some time for Q&A.  We may even have a contest for what questions to ask at some point in this year.  Be prepared like a Girl Scout, ya know?    What I learned from the tons of searches leading people to this blog when they are trying to find Mikel is people are interested in him as a writer.  Aren’t you ever curious if he has the same crushing doubt as all other writers?  I do.  Hopefully some time this year I’ll be able to ask.

6.)  Get an agent:

It’s no surprise to see this on the list.  You will see it on every resolution list until the year it actually happens.  There are days when I doubt it ever will, but then I pull out my favorite line I’ve ever read on someone’s blog “the only difference between a published author and a non published author is one gave up.”  I say it just about every day and in every situation where someone faces something difficult.  Anything is possible.  I wholly believe that with all my heart.

There are other things I hope to accomplish in this year, be a good mother, a fine wife, a hard worker, blah, blah, blah.  They aren’t annual resolutions because I commit to them daily.  Of course, progress will be tracked on here and I appreciate your support as I work towards the resolutions made.  There will be pictures, quotes, and updates to document the steps it takes to reach them.  And if it doesn’t happen this year, maybe they will carry over to the next.  Well, that’s counting on the fact those Mayans didn’t know what the hell they were talking about.


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Yesterday, two women on my staff were discussing the troubles in Egypt.  I ducked behind my computer like I normally do when religious, political, social issues come up between staff members.  My only concern when volatile conversations pop up on my team is to keep a safe distance from necessary “coachings” or “corrective actions.”  I block out opinionated rants by scrolling through mind-numbing emails.  But, my ears did perk up when one asked the other “Are you ready for the rapture?” 

While their conversation continued down the road of religious beliefs, mine veered to what’s important to finish before I’m…well, finished.  Here I am fretting about a novel revision when doom is right around the corner.  It only makes sense to get together my thoughts in the way I know how…a to-do list.

1.)     Revise novel to make sure my last written work on this Earth is the best representation I can create.  With all the excitement of the last couple days, the concern of “What if they don’t like it?” plagues my thoughts when reading each line of the Work in Progress.  A friend snapped me back to reality by reminding me this is the story I want to tell.  Making sure I keep true to what I am is the only way I can ensure when an agent does like it, they will be perfect for me.

2.)    Write a successful query letter.  Similar to the search for the Holy Grail, I imagine myself suited up like Indiana Jones, bullwhip and all, trudging through thick juggles, deciphering complicated riddles, and even having to face those damn snakes.  All with the hope I will meet some old knight, choose the most non-descript cup, and save my dad, Sean Connery from death.  Okay, that’s a different story, but having a happy ending is the same.  (Ha!  She said happy ending.) 

3.)    Party with like a rock star.  With impending doom around the corner, I’m glad I scheduled a concert this weekend.  Since my picture with Anna from The Airborne Toxic Event, my night with Todd from Toad the Wet Sprocket and running into Ezra from Vampire Weekend at the hotel, I’ve come to assume I will be hanging out with the members of the bands I go to see.  I have high hopes of continuing the fantasy on Saturday with Atomic Tom.

Update:  My pick with lead singer Luke from Atomic Tom!  Yay! 

4.)    Get my mom to read my blog.  What seems like the easiest task and should have been checked off months ago, this may prove to be the most challenging of all.  She is convinced hitting the subscribe button will somehow sign her up for Facebook.  When I try to explain the impossibility of that conspiracy, she lectures me in a raised tone about the seriousness of identity theft.  She then goes on about how my brother-in-law e-mails his blogs.  (Uh, yeah, he probably stole her identity, created an account in her name, and signed her up for numerous porn sites.)

The list might be small, and of course I’ve left out the obvious of spending quality time with my family, but it’s the stuff I’d like to knock off first.  But I must say I’m pretty pissed I have to move up the date.  All this was calendared by December 2012.  When are these Armageddons going to get on the same page?

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